Quick Jam Backing Tracks are now Greyed out (disabled!!!!)

  • Everything had been working fine until this afternoon... Now I've found that the entire page of backing tracks (curated by genre... blues , pop etc) is now greyed out, disabled, defunct. This not working is a deal-breaker for me.

    I'm using the app on a Samsung (android) tablet. I've tried everything I can think of short of uninstalling then reinstalling the app... Cleared Bluetooth, restarted device, did a factory reset of amp etc etc. I've wasted the entire evening on this and frankly, between the wait for it to arrive, the issue with the un-grounded power supply- and now this? I'm just about ready to jump ship. What makes it all the more infuriating is that only yesterday I was telling a friend what a great home jam solution the Spark is....

    Spark audio pairs in bluetooth, but Spark 40 ble (I think) is also listed and doesn't seem to pair... Is this the prob?

    I dislike bluetooth at the best of times, so can anyone talk me through a possible solution?

    Any help/suggestions gratefully received. Thanks

  • There are two other threads identifying this same issue. There is a problem with the PG web site that has taken down the track order function and all on line functionality of the amp. No idea how those things are related, but that seems to be the situation. The on board Jam tracks are still working. Hopefully it won't last long(er).

  • Jam Tracks are back up as is the order tracking page.

  • I started to wonder whether this problem of mine was related to the other issues reported... I guess the server is still down, because Quick Tracks are still greyed out.

  • Okay, now working. However- because I did a factory reset last night to try to remedy what I thought was a problem at my end- I've of course lost all the tones I downloaded from the cloud AND all the settings adjustments I'd saved to compensate for the overdone bass and the intrusive gain hiss... This is on on top of the time wasted and irritation caused last night.

    Let's just say I'm not happy and leave it at that...

  • @7171551 I predicted this happening months ago, It was discussed a bit as well on the best way to minimise one's frustration.
    can't remember the final verdict on this.
    Or what folder they are in settings>files>Android >com.positive grid.spark