Spark takes pedals well!

  • Today I finally tried my pedalboard into Spark with great results! I have played with various effects and one of the things i like least is the noise gate and the amount of noise there is when it’s off! Surprisingly enough, I’m getting way less noise by using my physical pedals. In a way I tried Spark as a clean amp platform for pedals. I used one of the clean fender amps with great results. I am going to try other amps tomorrow. I sat the amp clean and used mainly A BJF SBEQ at the end of my board with a mild boost. Before that I tried the HBOD to add dirt and was able to get the organic feel and sound from this pedal! The nature knob on this pedal turned all the way down gave me that raw Supro sound! I will keep playing with other amp models in Spark and my other pedals/guitars. So far seems very promising!

    Is anyone else mainly using their pedalboard for their dirt and effects with Spark? If so, what are your thoughts?

    I still want to try the compressor, several fuzz pedals and a wah wah!

  • @jonathane40 While not with a clean amp mod, I've been using a TS clone and sometimes Klon clone or Zen clone in front of the Spark since I got it, generally with fairly conservative settings -- enough to help clean-up and and brighten the Spark's own dirt tones. Especially with a TS, which pushes the mids and evens-out the bass-heavy sound in a better way than simply turning-down the bass knob on the amp.

    I haven't used any full distortion pedals with it, but really like simply pushing it with some basic boosters. I bought this, though, to be a more simple, self-contained setup, so I've been purposely limiting myself to just one pedal at a time, and nothing more.

    EDIT: One of my new, inexpensive favorites to use with the Spark is the Joyo Baatsin, which is kind of a one-stop-shop for boosters (except maybe my Klon/Zen clones). I kind of like the flexibility and yet simplicity of one analog pedal with multiple tones with minimal controls. It's a quick an easy way to overcome the Spark's lack of builtin dirt pedal stacking. I also have a BOSS GT-1 that I haven't yet gotten around to trying with the Spark, but that's a very different beast.

  • I'm using my pedalboard. My always on pedals are an Xotic Compressor, Fender Treverb, and a Cloned Centaur OD. I turn off the reverb for hi gain amps. My Ditto looper works great too.

  • I tried my digitech gnx4 into the aux in.
    Sounds good.
    actually better than whats onboard the spark.
    Trying the gnx4 mono out in the spark input.. once you turn all the fx off is passable.
    I dialed in a few different spark amp models with lower gain, was ok.
    I'm probably biased as my gnx4 has been my staple sound for years now.
    But that's not the reason what I got the spark for