Is there a trick to getting Positive Grid to reply to an email?

  • Hello,

    I ordered Spark on 8/17/20 and have not heard a word about when my order will ship. I have written them 4 times and have not received a response. I contacted them on twitter and no response.

    Now when I try to use the order tracker it says "The data is invalid. Please try again" when I put in my order # and email, which is least before that it would say my order was "Being prepared" or something similar.

    I see there is no phone there a moderator that works for this company here? Will anybody help me?

  • @wally247

    I ordered on 8/22 and got my confirmation email. Checking order status it showed "received order". I just checked it now and I am also getting the "data is invalid" message. I hope it is just a glitch, otherwise i will just have to cancel via my charge card.

  • There seems to be a problem with their tracking at the moment. I'm also receiving "The data is invalid". But if you only ordered 10 days ago you might have to wait a bit longer until receiving a shipping email depending on where you are. It took about 10 days from ordering mine to get a shipping notice, but then it didn't move at all after that to say that the courier even received the package.

  • @switch625 Ok good to know thank you for the reply. I thought it might be a glitch too but its' frustrating to spend several hundred dollars on a product and not be able to get in touch with the company. I will keep waiting and hopefully the system will be working later.