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  • Yup. Me too and I just received my frustrating.

  • @dreadnought66 yes me to spent all evening trying to find a solution. So frustrating!

  • @shawmark That's where having an app like AnyTune which can play any mp3 files on your device comes in handy. If you don't need the questionable accuracy of Spark's chord analysis, then downloading your own backing tracks through places like and using AnyTune (or any app which will play mp3 files) and bluetooth to play them through the Spark really helps.

    An app like iReal Pro is also very useful -- you enter the chords to whatever song you want to play, choose one of their built-in styles (not too bad, but not performance-worthy), define the number of choruses you want to play, etc. and then it will play your song. Best for jazz and blues, but there are some other styles also.

    Of course that doesn't help with downloading and trying out tones, but when you do get a chance to try out tones, any which seem like they might be possibilities with a little editing, you should save to your device so that you can have a wide variety to play around with the next time the PG servers go out. And it will happen again. That's the one huge danger with storing all this data on the cloud. A natural disaster or even a localized power outage at the server farm can render it all useless.