Double tap on signal chain was not an intuitive way to change effects and amps, took a while to find. Or is it just me?

  • The manual never said how to change effects and I was getting the sinking feeling this thing was really limited. I feel much better now that I can mix/match effects and amps. Just like Apple, google is tech support for Spark. Pretty damn cool especially for $225 early bird price.

    edit: Actually, it DID say it in the manual, I just missed it. Still, not intuitive for an iOS device.

  • Nice find - I totally missed that feature!

  • It was not just you. I actually tried doubletapping but didn't work so I was really stumped. After google helped me figure out that's what you're supposed to do I tried again and it worked. Not the most intuitive thing ever.

  • This post is deleted!