Bias Amp Mini Sound Issues

  • I've been having major issues with my Bias Mini. At first, I experienced similar problems to some people I've seen on here. Namely the amp powering on but not "loading up" and being unresponsive. That has caused some awkward moments at gigs.

    But, in the last few months I've been having no issues with it powering on. But most of the time I get no sound from any of the outputs. I've contacted tech support, and so far they have advised me to do a factory reset. After doing that, I got /some/ sound - but it just sounds like a dying audio signal. And it's the same on every output, on every channel. Sounds like a bit crusher, or when the battery in an active pickup is dying (and I know it's not that because I use passives). It's made this amp completely unusable, which is disappointing as I've only had it for about a year and a half.

    Anyway, I'm waiting on the next step from support, but I was wondering if any other users have encountered anything like this with their Mini?