Worst Customer service on Earth

  • As the news of the sparc came into my media feeds I was anxious to make the 25% discount purchase. Instead the shopping cart persistently declined on 3 different credit cards. Each of which had proper funding.
    When attempting to reach customer support (crickets). Now the promotion sale is over ... every time I go anywhere I see an fucking positive grid Ad. I imagine if they would spend just some of the revenue for customer support over advertising, I'd have more respect for this company. So when say an amp breaks or any other service they provide they expect me to wait for them to contact me back? Fuck that. Want customers? Reach out to them or have someone reply ... your shitty Zen desk is a joke.

    Also to add salt to my wound of not being able to make a purchase through there lousy Big Commerce software ... I'm now seeing $10 discounts to products ... I have never made a purchase.A $10 bribe
    won't resolve the worst customer experience ever. My girlfriend ignores me better