Login is bad UX

  • Working on macOS.

    I have an app that creates and stores logins for each account.

    That app works flawlessly with all logins, including Banks and other financial (high -or so they say- security and all).

    But, every time that I try to login to any of Positive Grid's apps, I need to type down a really complicated, and lengthy -obviously-, password because Cmd+V or Right Click-Paste is disabled in the login menu.

    Is that happening to anyone else?

    And that happens every time that I add a new feature (as per Positive Grid's recommendations)

    I have not tried to do the same on a Windows machine :(

  • @ed-oliver I only own BIAS FX2, so I can't speak for the other programs, but pasting at login works for me on both MacOS and Windows for BIAS FX2. Not sure if it refers to login or inside the app or both, but they supposedly just added some aspect of copy/paste support in a recent version, per the release history. If FX2, re you running this version or newer?


    Changes in BIAS FX 2 Desktop


    • Supports copy/paste keyboard command in BIAS FX 2 standalone version