Customer Service

  • So far, Positive Grid is showing the WORST customer service of any company I have dealt with in ages. I asked to be contacted, but no one ever does.
    I am very disappointed and am NOT going to recommend their products unless and until the customer service steps up to a level expected for products in this price range!

  • Good luck with that.... I send an ‘email’ requesting ANY sort of response and am yet to hear back. I can’t even track my amp anymore... it let me the day after I ordered and now it says my email doesn’t exist - the same one they emailed me the order confirmation to. Horrible business people. I ONLY ordered because they LIED and said the amps were in stock. I have always heard how little they cared a out the customers but I figured I’d have my amp in 5-7 days and wouldn’t deal with them again. Mistake- I feel like a dumb ass for dealing with jerks that don’t even TRY to communicate

  • @newlons03 Sorry to hear of your troubles. I placed an order a couple weeks ago and the shipment arrived yesterday, all good, and that was an international shipment. I got multiple communications from them along the way, and from my perspective everything seems ok now in terms of the previous backlog. Hopefully your amp is enroute or has already arrived by now.

  • So far they are hit or miss. I received my second Amp yesterday but haven't opened it yet. The first one took months, the second only a few weeks. Certainly better but still did NOT ship within the advertised 5-7 days. Additionally, I have now received two Amps but still haven't gotten the bag that was supposed to accompany the first Amp that I ordered in May. The replacement Power Supply that was promised three weeks ago in response to the pervasive hum issue is supposed to arrive today. We'll see how that goes. I need to try out the second Amp to ensure it doesn't have any of the issues experienced with the pre-orders but I'm dreading the ordeal of trying to resolve any issues through PG. They just are not very customer friendly with regard to support. Like I said, hit or miss.

    Update: Another miss. The package I received today via USPS and DHL out of China was something we ordered from a reputable company, not Positive Grid. Apparently my Power Supply is still in China waiting to actually be delivered to DHL.