Spark Hum with Humbucking Fitted Guitars.

  • Hi.....just received my Spark here in Scotland after longish wait.
    Well worth it I believe.
    My only issue is when I use single coil config guitars (Tele or Strat) no hum at all.
    When I use either of my Les Paul's or my PRS I get horrendous hum similar to an earthing/grounding issue.
    I see that some posters have said to try a different PSU and this should resolve.
    My concern is that that the PSU that came with the Spark is 19V 2.5 Amp.
    Does the PSU have to be exactly that ie the 2.5 amp bit.
    I just don't want to fry this piece of kit too early LOL
    Thanks in advance.

  • @gloog15
    there are several spec posts whit photos here in the forum, from people who also have used higher amperage power supplies with no problems.
    PG sent me a 2,64A as a replacement

  • @samueleonline Thanks for the rapid response.....wife's laptop PSU worked perfectly so ordered new one from Amazon.....all good.

  • @gloog15 as long as the amp output from the power supply is at least 2.5 or greater, the voltage is 19v (that can fluctuate a bit but not very much) and the tip is positive and the plug fits, any power supply will work. It's only when the amps that the power supply puts out are less than the required 2.5 then the power supply will get destroyed (possibly causing a fire) as it gets used.