Which channel to use with ToneCloud?

  • Hello everyone,

    Maybe this has already been covered, but here it goes since I got my Spark yesterday: which channel on the physical amp (Clean, Glassy, Crunch, Hi-gain etc.) do you use with the ToneCloud sounds?
    Is there a preferable one when the sound from ToneCloud differ a lot depending on the channel you use?

  • @stefanloof99 It doesn't matter what setting the channel selector knob is pointing to -- the tones override all the settings on the amp itself, including the amp model. So be warned -- some of the tones must have been programmed by people who lost all their hearing decades ago because the gain/master/output settings are all very loud.

    My advice is that when you're about to sample a tone from the tonecloud, once you've loaded it onto your Spark (by tapping the picture next to the name of the tone) immediately and before playing any sounds on your guitar/bass move the volume knob some, returning it to a level you want and do the same with the Master knob as well. The gain is another one you can move, but the tones are often programmed with the gain control set at a particular level and might not sound good if you change that before playing on your guitar. But as long as you've regained control by moving the output and the master knobs you shouldn't wake the dead two counties over when you play.

  • @dhbailey That’s great information, just what I needed. Thank you!

  • I've found that once you have a patch loaded moving the selector knob swaps the amp in the patch with one of the ones from the knob.

  • @valascia That is true -- once the tone is loaded any/all of the knobs on the amp itself take over if they are moved at all. You can watch the changes on the app as you move the knobs on the amp.

    If you do change the amp knob, you should check before hand to see what the original amp was that was programmed into the tone. With only 7 positions on the knob and 30 models in the app you won't necessarily get back to the original even if you move the selector knob back to where it was when you started.