Final Pre-Release/Last Chance Numbers

  • I have been tracking the pre-order sales and sales revenues since February and reporting them here and on the FB bitch page. Now that the so-called "Last Chance Special" is ended I am making my last report. These values may be off by a few units or dollars because I was not sure exactly when the deals ended.

    By my count, PG sold 101,761 units for a total gross sales revenue of $23,941,784.00. PG reported 101,520, which implies that a net of 241 orders were cancelled for refunds.

    A total of 79,911 units were "Last Chance Specials" which comprised around 79% of the orders taken and revenues received. As some who have read my posts may recall, I repeatedly expressed concern to PG that it might be violating state unfair and deceptive trade practices statutes or regulations by extending the "Last Chance" deals on nearly a daily basis for months, which a state attorney general or the FTC might rule means it was never really the "Last Chance" until a few weeks ago. At the same time, I assured many customers that there was no fraud or criminal activity and that they should ask for a refund if they were unhappy.

    That said, I congratulate PG on the success of the product and hope they will use some of that revenue to support and improve the product for years to come.