@Positive Grid Team --> please add an EQ to lower that Bass and make this Amp Great

  • Dear Positive Grid Team

    Please add an EQ to lower the Bass from the backing tracks etc. or lower it somehow else. Until now you made an Amp with cool features (jamming etc.) but only OKAY soundwise. I know that when u play alone bassy sound is subjective better....but you just put it over the top.

    Your amp could be a really great practice amp, but unfortunately it is not at the moment. It's just okay. You have sold so many units and are selling more, not needing any distributers and making a lot of money with it....so please fix this issue for your users who have waited months to get the spark and gave you the money in advance.

    Also please fix the volume increase/decrease when changing settings...like with an overall master or something...I don't know...I am not an amp designer. Or put a level limiter somewhere....I dont want to be ending deaf because I changed a preset in your amp.

    Thanks a lot if you will read this and take it serious. I dont think I am the only user wishing for this.


  • the overall volume is set by the preset creator at the time of the save. You may want to try to balance them yourself, re-saving after finding that balance. I believe this worked for me, particularly when using Tonecloud presets that may or may not have been created with a similar or different type guitar.

  • I agree, bass of audio should be adjustable, wrote also to PG, doesn‘t seem that they want to change it. Does not make sense to me. On some songs you want to play with you don‘t even hear the higher tones if you play along because of the massive bass. This kills the fun. And playing along is one of the main ideas behind this amp, right? Such a great device but such a big disadvantage and no reason why it is not possible.

  • I would love to be able to patch a parametric or graphic eq into the signal chain.

  • This to me is the one glaring omission. We really need a graphic EQ.

  • +1. The unit sounds way too boomy at the moment.

  • This post is deleted!

  • I play a lot at lower volumes accompanying others who play acoustic instruments. And I use pretty low gains sounds with lots of effects - delay, tremolo, reverb. And for the life of me, I can not get any sparkle to my sound - even though I play a Stratocaster. All the models sound like they need a bright switch, but none of them have one. This is especially noticeable at lower volumes.

    I just couldn't stand it. I sold my Spark and went back to my Yamaha THR10. Far less versatile, but much better tones.

  • Agree - please revise EQ - it's too bass

  • Agree. Terrible tone. Blackstar IdCore Beam blows it away in terms of tone and effects.

  • I just updated the spark app on ios. The update notes mentioned a setting to mute the bass but only during the updated SmartJam feature. So if this setting is there for smartjam, why not make it available as a standard feature for any mode ?

  • @hammer1 It doesn't lower the bass like an EQ does, it shuts it off completely in the smart-jam. It's very difficult and expensive (and way beyond the scope of the Spark app) to do that in the already-mixed audio of the other backing tracks or any mp3 files that you have streaming through bluetooth or the AUX input cable.

  • @dhbailey we cannot affirm what things are expensive or not for companies. Is a question of priorities. My Vox Adio is cheaper and has its own in-built EQ only for bluetooth audio streaming. PG They are messing around with AI and silly things while forgetting about Real-amp issues.

  • @alegarcia46-0 I'm not saying that adding an EQ would be expensive -- I have no idea how much work that would entail or not, but I do know that programs which remove certain instruments from an already-mixed audio file are not cheap. That was what I was speaking about -- Hammer1 had suggested making the ability to mute the bass a standard feature for any mode (not just the smartjam feature, where the app simply shuts off the bass channel on a file the app itself creates). Muting a single instrument (e.g. bass) out of an already made mix while leaving all other instruments which might be playing those same pitches (e.g. piano or guitar) is quite different technologically from an EQ which increases or decreases the volume of certain ranges of frequencies regardless of which instrument is producing notes within that range. That's all I was saying. If it wasn't expensive to create software to mute a single instrument we would all have apps that allowed us to create "music-minus-one" files from any MP3 or WAV file.

  • Have to agree with others here. My only dislike that keeps me from playing the Spark is nice tone muffled by a layer of boomy bass. If you had an amp in a live setting, this is exactly the sound to avoid. Please make an EQ or bass delete.