• What is the process of sharing to Tone Cloud? Can't seem to add a Tag to show Guitar setup !!

  • @swbarnes101 Are you on iOS or Android? in the iOS app, once you've created a tone you want to share, you tap the 3 buttons at the upper right of the screen and select Share to ToneCloud from the menu that appears. When you do that you can edit the tone name, you can select the genre you want to see it listed under, and there is an "Add Tag" button. Tap that and then tap in the place where the grey # Tag Name appears. What I discovered is that we can have no spaces, no extra characters, only letters and numbers. So we can't use "Grant Green" but instead we have to use "GrantGreen." So if you want to indicate "Les Paul with Bridge Pickup" you should break it up into two tags, one that says "LesPaul" no space, and another which says "BridgePickup" again with no spaces.

    That's all really stupid on the part of whomever programmed the whole ToneCloud thing. I hope that PG improves all of that, allowing spaces at least. It will make searching a whole lot easier because if a person enters "Les Paul" as a search term and tap the "Tags" option, no results show up. But if that person enters "LesPaul" and taps the "Tags" options a lot of tones show up. Most people won't think about leaving out any spaces.