Realistic Shipping Time

  • Hey everyone. I just ordered my Spark amp a couple days ago on the 21st of August. I know the page said 5-7 days to ship and my order number says Sept 5th ship date but I wanted to ask you guys, realistically, when can I expect to receive my amp? I'm super excited about it and I just want to know how long it takes to get it on average. I'm in the US if that helps any. Thanks everyone :)

  • @mrxerozel These days it seems that the amps are arriving either on the date specified or earlier. It seems as if PG have finally solved their inventory and shipping problems.

  • when mine shipped it took 2 weeks to get to me in the uk

  • In the US, NE Illinois area.

    Here is my timeline (and yes amp is on it's way)

    Ordered 13 Aug.
    Day of showed expected ship date 20 Aug originally.

    That changed to the current 28 Aug early last week.

    I got notification from FedEx on 23 August, because I have an account, with tracking number.

    Tracking showed, at that time (PST):
    21 Aug Label created
    23 Aug at 00:00 picked up by FedEx in Arcadia CA
    23 Aug at 21:26 at Arcadia FedEx location.

    24 Aug at 19:48 (PST) left Arcadia CA FedEx on way here.
    24 Aug at 21:46 (PST) Positive Grid sends status changed email with tracking number.

    FedEx currently estimates delivery 27 Aug.

    So it actually did ship within 5-7 Business days.

  • U.S East Coast, NE North Carolina
    First amp was a preorder for which I still have not received the bag or a replacement power supply to solve hum issue. A label was created in China on 14 August with DHL for what is theoretically a new power supply, but that only shows shipping information received, nothing has actually shipped that I can see from the tracking information. No information or update on the bag beyond PG's expectation that they will ship sometime between August and October. Not even a shipping label created for that.
    Second amp ordered 14 August. Current status says estimated shipping 29 August (14 days, not 5-7). Yesterday my Fedex account began showing label created on 8/23 with an estimated delivery date of 8/28 but the package has not been received. Seem familiar? Since the label is for something coming from Industry CA and weighing 15 lbs, I'm guessing it's my Amp. Definitely DID NOT ship in 5-7 days as "estimated" by Positive Grid.
    So basically it's hit or miss with this company. Chances are you will eventually receive at least something from them but don't count on it being on time. It's a great amp once you finally get it and connect it to a three prong, grounded, power supply.