Can I just use the USB PC interface to effectively replace the built in speakers?

  • I am replacing a Boss JS-10 but one thing I really liked about the JS-10 was taking the audio outs and putting them through my audio interface.

    Is the Spark always outputting via the USB audio interface (including the accompaniement) so that I can do the same?

    If I'm honest, having bought Bias FX2 and having a great audio interface, all I really needed was a software version of the Spark but hey it looks like a fun device.

  • @roger I don't understand why you would need a software version of the Spark since you already have the BiasFX 2. The Bias is much more powerful (from everything I've read and seen) and has many more choices than the Spark has. The Spark's main attraction is that it doesn't need to be tied to a computer. So it's much easier to carry around for practicing and (depending on the size and loudness of the band) for small rehearsals and even small gigs. And with an external battery to power it, it is even more powerful and can be used in places without electricity.

    The USB does not output the accompaniment, just the guitar sound. If you want to get the whole sound into your computer, guitar and accompaniment, you need to use an adapter cable from the headphone out of the Spark into two 1/4" plugs to go into your audio interface.

    The accompaniment feature alone of the Spark is not a reason to buy the Spark, and with your Bias FX2 software already installed, with your computer you can play along with much better backing tracks than the Spark creates with the SmartJam feature. And since the chord analysis of recordings isn't all that great either, I really can't see why you need/want the Spark at all.

  • Thanks for the answers. I should add that the other appeal of the Spark is that once I sell my old Fender Deluxe Reverb I will only own my Marshall JVM Satriani full stack as a real amp, so I like the idea of something I can put in any room at any time.

    Thanks also for the information about only the modelling going through USB. That's a shame but it is what it is. I liked the idea of having lots of different backing tracks in the Boss JS10 and going through my monitors it sounded great. Yes Bias FX2 will provide me with great guitar tones (something the JS10 was poor at) so I will have to find some other way of getting a library of varied backing out of my PC. I never use headphone outs as line outs. They are usually very poor at that job so I won't be even trying that!