Reduce bass on audio when you play along youtube etc.

  • I can adjust all settings for my guitar on the knobs, but when I play along tracks from youtube or whatever, the bass is much to heavy from the audio output. I did not find any equalizer or so to reduce the bass... is the audio not adustable or didn‘t I find it?

  • @daniel-sprich The audio is not adjustable. There is no equalizer for the guitar tones either. The "bassiness" of the Spark is one of the major complaints. The front panel comes off very easily (it's held on with 4 velcro strips) and people have experimented with placing duct tape over the bass port in between the speakers. Others have found that cutting a foam insert (the denser the foam and the thicker the insert the more bass it cuts out) and pushing it into the bass port helps a lot.

    If you would like the ability to equalize the accompaniment tracks and also the guitar tone, then submit a feature request through the "Contact Support" link at the top of this page. The more people who ask for such things, the more likely PG are to actually include them in future updates, if at all possible.

  • If you're using an android device to stream youtube to your spark you should be able to use an eq app on your phone/tablet. Depending on the manufacturer of your device it may already have a decent one built in. If not there are plenty of free ones available on the play store.

    If you're using ios then I think you are out of luck as the eq only works for itunes afaik.

  • @carl-galilee Yes, I‘m using OS, probably I should steal the android device of my wife haha.
    @dhbailey wrote already to PG customer support. Seems that a lot people already contacted them about this issue. Let‘s see how they handle customer requests in future updates, says always a lot about the company ;-).