Unregistered BIAS Amp Mini Guitar

  • Does anyone know how to unregistered hardware? I have emailed PG 3 times and zero answer. I sold my unit and new user can’t use. Help!

  • When you say you emailed them, did you do it thru the “contact support” link at the top of the page? You should be able to click that link and describe that you need them to clear your registration email address. It may also help if the new user can attempt to register which will show you as the current registered owner as well as the hardware serial number of the unit.

    See this topic:

  • @bschultz8 Hi and thanks for the reply
    I emailed via the contact support ticket system which in turn emails a ticket received email and then-nothing.
    I have emailed video and still images of the serial numbers and the error messages.
    No response.

  • Is the “ticket received email” the type that you can reply to? If so, maybe try replying and ask for status. Also, have you tried again to register? They may have cleared the original owner’s email registration but didn’t send a message to you that they did that, so wouldn’t hurt checking it again.