USB Audio Driver Sample Rate

  • Hi,
    I'm using the USB audio driver to record guitar and bass tracks in Steinberg Cubase. As far as I can see, the driver for Spark works with a sample rate of 48kHz. All my recordings are in 44.1kHz - is there a way to switch the Spark Audio driver to 44.1? I can't find any option.
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  • @bernd Not at the present -- the only way is to change your projects to 48kHz. I hope that a future firmware update will allow us to have more resolutions to choose from. Please submit a request to the support team by using the "contact support" link at the top of this page. The more people who ask for a feature or an improvement, the more likely it is to be acted upon, if at all possible.

  • The only way I know of is to use ASIO4ALL instead of PG's native driver. I didn't like this either, since I've found over the years that I have to bump the buffer sample size one level for 48K vs. 44.1K. For instance, with 44.1K sample rate and 128 sample size, everything may work fine, but with 48K, I may get static/drop-outs unless the sample size is bumped one level to 256.

    I use ASIO4ALL anyway, which allows any setting, but just recently tried PG's native driver out of curiosity, and didn't like it for this reason. It seems odd that they would force this setting.

  • @blueingreen I think that the forced 48kHz sample rate was just for expedience when they first issued the USB connection for recording audio. I am hopeful that now that the Spark production and distribution issues seem to be solved (shipping the bags and headphones is still an issue but hopefully PG will get past that soon) they will be able to relax at the corporate level and concentrate on all the issues/complaints/suggestions that people have raised since they've been using the Spark. I'm sure that the 48K restriction has gotten a lot of complaints.

  • @dhbailey That's a good point. I was also wondering in general how things would progress the rest of the year, now that the dust is finally settling on the initial release and all the logistical issues seem to be sorted out.

    The last firmware was released on June 12th -- it'll be interesting to see if the next one will only include bug fixes or if it will include any new features. The CEO did highlight (in bold lettering, even) new features and sounds in one of the apology emails that went out. I think the last update to the Windows ASIO driver was back in Dec, so that one's definitely due for an update.

  • @dhbailey and @blueingreen - thanks for your hints and answers! I have sent a mail to support as you suggested but I'll try ASIO4ALL as well. That is, if I keep the amp. Currently I have problems with the bluetooth connection as well and I have to say that I'm not really satisfied with the amp. But that's another issue and doesn't belong here...