3 issues with the Spark at the same time

  • Ordered end of July, arrived middle of August. Set it up with new firmware, worked fantastically for an entire 3 days. Tried playing on day 4 and noticed both the humming that many people encounter and lots of crackling noises. Used 8 outlets in 2 different apartments, 3 guitar cables and 4 or 5 different guitars with active and passive pickups, and nothing fixed it. Of course with the noise gate on really high, some of the hum would go away and crackling would settle down, but the moment I play a note, gate would open and the hum and crackling would very much drown out whatever sound the guitar was making. App kept crashing as well. Opened a ticket with support, and sent the videos, explained stuff, etc. They said they’d send a replacement and set up a return. I asked about a grounded power supply and they said that it wouldn’t resolve the issue. And of course, immediately after opening the ticket with support, the input jack does not work at all; crackling and humming is still present but no signals from the guitars. I also notified them about this, but radio silence now.

    Like everyone else, I was very excited for this thing. They fairly quickly responded to my support request but I’m still waiting for someone to address my last email. My main concern here is this - how common are these issues really? I had a trifecta of problems with the unit I received, and they all happened fairly quickly. I’m really hoping it was just bad luck, a.k.a. the replacement will be great. I know it’s hard to tell with a new product, but I’m sort of concerned that I’ll just be waiting for the replacement unit to develop issues too.

  • @devineni-aditya I'm having the same problem with my spark. Did you get a replacement? Thanks