Smart Jam iOS doesn't have "all chords" option?

  • I noticed that when playing a backing track on Android that an "all chords" option is available when clicking the 3 vertical sliders in the upper right of the screen. This displays Loop, Capo and 1.0x with a All Chords option under the 1.0x button. The iOS app does't have this. Is this by design? Also, the app doesn't rotate to landscape on Android but it does on iOS. Anybody have any insight on this?

  • @fs63 The insight that I have about this is actually two insights: 1) PG may have two different teams developing the app for the two different operating systems and that each operating system presents different challenges which may be easier or more difficult to implement on the other operating system; or 2) PG may have only one development team for the app and their strengths lie more with one operating system than with the other.

    In any event I hope they bring the two different apps (iOS and Android) into more uniformity with each other so that any of us can switch between the operating systems as we choose and find that they're exactly the same. So we can have an iOS phone and an Android tablet, or the opposite, if we wish, and find all the same operating ability and options on both systems.

  • @fs63 : Just to report that the App orientation is fixed to portrait on my Android phone, and any device, I try to send to. There's an online version with limited functions that I'm going to try on Windows PC streamed to my TV.
    I have read that iOS users experience the same.

  • I put in a suggestion ticket re the lack of landscape mode for andriod when i tried out the app before my amp arrived. iOS definitely does have landscape as can be seen from numerous youtube demo's.

    Hopefully PG add it as stuck in portrait is a waste of screen real estate especially when displaying chord play along on a widescreen device.