Smart Jam not so smart

  • I love the idea of the feature, but it seems like it has trouble picking out chords consistently no matter what song I pull up. I mean it's perfect for the built in ones, but if you want to play something that you are familiar with, it seem spotty at best. I've even tried analyzing new songs but that doesn't seem to matter. Every now and then it will get kind of close but most of the time it's just missing a large portion of the chords. I haven't seen anybody on here mentioning that so, but surely I'm not the only one noticing this.

  • yes.. it has been mentioned months ago, and more than a few times as well.
    that smart chord gimmick, is just that, a gimmick,
    It's probably only good to see the root notes and then work the rest out yourself, so it's basically useless,
    the looper is not seamless as well, so that's a waste.
    just enjoy the amp for what it is

  • @crystalpit I do really enjoy it, but it's just sad that it can pick out many of the chords but then leave so many gaps. Perhaps then can tune it to get better over time. They sure are prod of it and it sounds cool, but to me it needs to be a lot smarter than it currently is.

  • @cbrandst It is sad that it can't recognize the chords better, but in at least partial defense there are many variants of chords that people play on guitar, some which are lacking important notes for determining the root and extensions. Regardless of how accurate it is in determining the chords we try to play, it's important to remember that we can edit any/all of the chords, even the blank ones. Unfortunately only in 2-measure blocks, though. I hope that PG fixes that so that we can have a new chord on every beat.

    And I certainly hope they improve the chord recognition algorithm!

  • we can't edit the chords on the YouTube and spotify songs.. only the smart jams.
    And the blocks to move foward or backwards in the songs are not on the correct beat.
    and they can only be moved one at a time, not 1/4,1/2 or 3/4 block.
    so the loop is always out and it's not seamless anyway, so its cr@p.
    I suggest they just license the algorithm and code from the specialists in this field out there already, and apply it to this app, as.... if they haven't got it right by now... they never will,
    we all know that the developers are in the aircon office acting busy.. not on the factory floor helping out in manufacturing or logistics.

  • @crystalpit And it shows everything in 4/4 even when the song is clearly in 3/4. You're right about not being able to edit the chords in the youtube and spotify songs. I agree they should license the technology from the companies who already are doing it correctly.