• Hi Does anyone know how to escalate tickets that just get closed off without being actioned?
    I 've had more than a dozen tickets closed off Dans but nothing has been resolved.
    Am I alone here?

  • Clearly this site is an echo chamber.
    PG produce cutting edge technology requiring state of the art tech support because of it's complexity.
    And yet this forum is strangely mute??
    So all that gear is working perfectly out there?
    And support is 100%?
    Pretty weird-they must have stumbled on something ground breaking.
    Like closing off tickets as KPI's without actually doing anything.

  • Good luck getting any tech support from Positive Grid. Their pre-sales support, though, is very responsive.

  • @maurice-keegan I agree w the only be two commenters in years! I have 1 request by email not answered in 2 months! Manual Sucks! Onliine help explakisuoins

  • @maurice-keegan Agree with all 2 of you!
    I bet there isn't one real guitar player in the company that worked on the manual or software/app design!
    Manual sucks, written by a geek who's the only one who understands it. Tuner is explained in help only, not manual, and it's basically worthless. You must tune to pitch first. What about tuning down to Eb? Will that work?
    The presets?
    Whats diff between Save as new, and overwrite.
    Save to hardware presets makes sense. But you have to find it, in the upper right dropdown menu.
    They don't instruct. You must be a mindreader or spend hours trying to find what you want.
    These guys are brainless...probably voting for communists and braindead Alzheimers zombies!

    They advertise Marshall helped set up their amps. I defy you to find a Marshall, and where are the cabinets? Their options are worthless!
    And, I thought we could choose guitar sounds?

    Why can't they just have lists to pick and choose from to create our own setups!
    Marshall 100 watt JCM,
    Fender Twin,
    Boogie, etc.?
    And the one phase shifter I found has limited sound control. Think I'll just use my floor toys!

    There's gonna be a lot of negative comment online!

  • @jcbluze3 To all of the reply posts-
    To be fair- we as a community can fill the gaps in poor documentation. Lots of software companies these days seem to rely on forums to provide free support.
    I get that tho' I don;t necessarily agree.
    Examples: Cakewalk SONAR (now defunct) DAW
    Audacity DAW
    Reason DAW
    The big issue is where consumers have fundamental hardware/software malfunctions that can only be resolved in the "backroom" by the apparently one tech support person who closes of tickets with a click and does absolutely nothing.
    This should be escalated to CEO level and if no resolution, transferred to the appropriate state regulatory authority as a failure to comply.
    We as consumers have a right to this and we are being ignored.
    I'm not a flag waving 'anything' but after 50 years professionally involved in music gear on both sides of the counter- this is the worst by far.
    Distribuitors are internationally dropping off the product because of the Spark marketing scam.
    Again, I would urge you to write to your relevant consumer affairs authority and lodge a complaint.
    The product is fundamentally OK. The delivery and support is well below standard

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  • @maurice-keegan Happy days! Finally, after a backroom reset, I have activated and no longer get the error.
    Thank you PG Support

  • @maurice-keegan

    It’s obvious that the requests for support go into a trash folder automatically. I have opened 6 tickets since I bought ProKit and it keeps asking me to subscribe. When I click on subscribe it tells me I own the product. The support is the worst I have ever encountered for a legitimate business that sold thousands of amps. Why doesn’t management check their forums???

  • I'm glad I'm not the only one having issues with support. I have a pretty serious issue with my Bias Mini and so far I've just been told to perform a factory reset, and then have just been ghosted. The reset achieves nothing btw, as it's a hardware issue. The amp worked like a dream until it didn't, and now I am sitting on an expensive bit of gear that is 100% useless and can't seem to get any help.

  • This post is deleted!