Waiting on approved refund for over a month!!

  • Positive grid has completely let me down!

    After being approved for a refund and receiving a refund receipt quoting 10 business days max for fund credit return.

    It's been more than 30 days and zero funds have been credited back to my account.

    Not only that, I've sent multiple emails to the support department with not even one response!!

    Heed the warning all. Good product, but deplorable customer service.

    It feels like I've been personally robbed by Positive Grid and have no recourse due to the Co-vid circumstances we are all going through.

  • @drchopz If anyone is having the same issue. If you have a refund receipt, just start a charge dispute with your bank on your end. I was able to get my refund credited back to my account in less than 24 hrs.