Import Bias Amp into Spark?

  • Does anyone know of a way to import a Bias Amp into my Spark? Would love to tweak some setups and come up with my own chemistry like this... just don't know if it's possible. Is it on the product roadmap? Any thoughts or ideas on this?



  • @rmizrahi45 It can't be done. The nature of the two things are very different in how they work internally. You can create and/or tweak tones using the iOS or Android app all you want, save them to the ToneCloud as well as to your device for use later on, or store them in any of the 4 presets on the Spark. But you can't use Bias Amp on your Spark other than when you use your Spark as a bluetooth speaker and have your computer send audio to it over bluetooth. Then you can use Bias Amp on your computer and get the sound out of the amp, but you can't store any of it on the Spark.

  • So... the two systems are completely non-integrated, eh? Anything on the roadmap for this feature? I'd like to switch out tubes... maybe even design my own tubes with different characteristics or voltages... I realize this is asking much, but... heh... wait till you see my next post!!!

  • @groovin You should submit this as a feature request to PG using the Contact Support link at the top of this page. You're not the only person who is interested in getting a lot of the Bias potential through the Spark.