Waiting for reply on hum and power supply

  • I opened a ticket and provided videos to Positive Grid but have not heard back from them since. Is anyone else having this experience? My amp sounds great if I have it plugged into the usb on a grounded laptop but that isn't my usual use case.

    opened ticket on August 12th
    positive grid replied they couldn't see my attached video
    supplied video again on August 15th


  • On the 11th was told they were waiubg for more.

  • Also irritating is their insistence that "not everyone is having a problem" so they won't bother updating the power supply to actually solve the problem.

  • Not all of us are having the problem. Granted I have mine plugged into an EMI and RFI filtered surge protector.

  • @valascia So the problem may be there otherwise. It seems apparent from the many threads on the forum that many, if not most, have the problem. I am inclined to believe that PG has determined it is more cost effective to only replace those that get complaints, as many probably won't bother. I love this Amp but the continued issues identified throughout the threads on this forum are very frustrating. I would be far less annoyed if they were at least more responsive to customers.

  • I got a response today that they're sending out a power supply - it'll be awhile, because supply lines, yada yada yada.

    I'm glad they're sending one out hopefully it fixes the issue.

  • @cmcwillieb the power supply is definitely suspect and the weakest link of the design. I have a Vox Adio Air that has a 3 wire plug and rf choke on the DC cable. PG could’ve done better.

  • Got the same msg today so hopefully a quick fix to a very noisy amp and stop me getting shocks from the guitar @travismharris

  • Same thing with me. i was told i'm being sent a PSU and can expect it within 2 weeks.
    2 weeks pass by and nothing so i reply to the original email asking for ETA and a tracking number. No reply so i open another support ticket asking the same. Got 2 different tracking numbers from two different support representatives (one FedEx and one DHL coming from US and China respectively). Both say shipping information received (the product hasn't been sent yet. I'm honestly disappointed in the customer service.

  • I put in a ticket last month requesting a new PS due to the hum. Never heard back. Then I got a DHL delivery notice from China this past week. Surprise, it was a new grounded PS. Hum is gone.

  • Just an update if anyone is following along: still no grounded power supply, still no information about when I might expect to receive it.

  • Second Amp, second hum issue, second video submitted, second time receiving the same message:

    "There are many environmental elements and combinations that can result in amplifier hum or noise. While at the moment the majority of Spark users are not experiencing serious hum issues, customer satisfaction is very important to us, so we would be happy to work with you to ensure that you get the best playing experience possible with your Spark. To verify if a grounded power supply improves the noise level in your specific environment, we will source, test, and ship a power supply to you.

    Please note that due to the impact COVID-19 is having on global supply chains, the shipping of the power supply may take longer than anticipated. We’ll keep you updated on its status.

    Meanwhile, if you have any other issues/questions regarding Spark, feel free to contact us. We’re always happy to help."

    Still haven't received the first replacement PS or the Bag that I paid for with the first Amp in May. I did get a tracking number from "Joseph" saying the PS would ship within 2-3 days. That was 4 days ago. The tracking number he provided still shows information received (i.e. no product received) and I have NEVER been updated on the status by PG without asking. DHL however, has sent me two different tracking numbers for something so I don't know what they are sending. Last time I thought the PS was on its way and it turned out to be something my wife ordered. We'll see what shows up this time. So I have now received two Amps, no bag, and no replacement power supplies. I'll be so happy to get everything they owe me and be done with PG. This time it was Rowell and Mike who responded, so I'm hoping for better service.

  • Hi,

    I must say to that the experience is smooth so far for me. I have reported the hum problem August 26th via the support page.
    I have send a requested video to illustrate the issue. Every communications had less than 24 hours to get a reply.
    PG confirmed to source, test and provide a grounded PSU August 27th
    I yesterday asked PG when the PSU would arrived and a tracking if possible. Again reply overnight with tracking ID.
    I now got the details that transit is ongoing with DHL with delivery date scheduled for September 8th (I am in Europe). So good work on this one PG!

    Sorry for your experience, but I must say that every time I contacted support, PG replied in less than 24 hours.
    Hope you get your issue smooth as well.

  • I have read about the wireless fix and tried it. And it worked. I used the Getaria 2.4 GHZ GWS-8 by Airbridge. I have not put it through its paces yet ie. Distortion , volume etc. but it took care of the Hum. Like everyone else, I to waited 6 months for mine, and could not see either waiting for another one, or ordering another power cord and wait . Hope this helps.

  • @mechsteve76 Correction, its made by Getaria just called an Airbridge. www.getariamusic.com.

  • Just wanted to give this thread a bump. It's been 4 weeks since I got the generic we'll send you a power supply email. No follow up, order number, tracking information. Nothing at all. I put in another ticket to try to prompt a response and got a reply that it was merged with my original ticket.

    I am so unimpressed.

  • Update from my previous post 6 days ago. Well, I finally received my replacement PS. In fact they sent me two. I responded and let them know that I had received two in response to my first inquiry so they could close the ticket for my second amp. Today I received a message from DHL with another tracking number from the same location in China which, I suspect, will be the replacement PS for my second Spark Amp. Still haven't received the bag I ordered with my first Amp in May, but Power Supplies are apparently now in abundant supply.

  • Took me about a month to get mine, but I did get it today and it did fix the hum issue. I didn't get any communication on it until I asked them after nearly a month, which they promptly replied to with a DHL tracking number. I've ordered a few things from China to the US, so I'm not too surprised it took a month to get it and I had a work around by plugging the USB into a grounded computer, so no big deal for me.

  • Sent in my Ticket request two days ago. Got a response today requesting the video, which I have provided so let's see how long they take to reply.

  • Update to previous posts; They did in fact send me a third Power Supply and still no Bag. I'm to the point where I just send them the periodic snarky email in hopes of getting something resembling an honest response. Highly unlikely but what the hell.