logging in saved and latency

  • Can we please save login instead of every time I open this it doesnt save after reboot etc? The latency needs to be better and opening the plugin is a long wait even on SSD.

    Also to note if I want to close off the amp and use FX only in FX2 besides DAW there is no mix parameter on things like Pog filter

  • @acousticglue My login is saved -- I've never had to re-login w/FX2. If you haven't already done so, and are only using the DAW plugin, maybe try exiting the DAW, then logging-in with the standalone program once, or logout and log-back-in with the standalone program once, to see if that makes it "stick"?

    The plugin interface is definitely slow to load, compared to pretty much every other plugin. For me, every other plugin interface loads instantly, including S-GEAR, which is fairly large, but still quick to respond.

    Latency is generally determined by your audio device and driver. I have FX2 installed on a Windows 10 system and even an old 2011 MacBook Air, and neither have latency while using my PreSonus AudioBox or my BOSS GT-1 multi-effects device. On Windows, I use the ASIO4ALL driver. If on Windows, you need to use an ASIO driver to avoid latency.