Spark preset delete from the Cloud?

  • How do I delete my Spark preset from the Cloud?

  • sorry mate, ya can't..
    think before you upload,
    as.. you will never be forgotten...
    because.. one day.. in the distant future, in a planet far far away, someone is going to stumble across your preset, and they're going to deduce ... Shredder or Muppet....?

  • This is really annoying. I used the cloud as a backup so if I refine a patch I need to rename it.

  • Sorry, I'm not sure why it's a problem? Do you have a limited number of spots to save to? (Still waiting for my spark to turn up, so no idea!)

  • @josephsbrown3 On the device or in the tonecloud there is an infinite number of tones that a person can save, limited on the device only by the amount of ram on that device. The problem in the tonecloud is that if a person uploads a tone and then realizes that it isn't quite right, or actually hates it after using it for a while, there's no way to remove it from the tonecloud. His/her name is attached to that tone forever. and ever. and ever. Perhaps PG will finally come up with a way for users to have better control over what is stored in the tonecloud under their name. The original designer should be able to delete a tone that he/she doesn't like anymore. And the original designer should be able to edit that tone and save it back with the same name, or with a new name to indicate a variation. The tone names need to have more characters available, as well as additional information such as date stored.

  • well.. that explains why quite a few people, including myself, have mentioned there's a ton of cr@p presets on there.
    I'd much prefer 1000 good ones and discard 9000 useless ones.

  • @crystalpit True -- imagine the embarassment of those who posted their first attempts at tones thinking they could delete them later when they got better versions, only to find that those tones are permanently a part of the tone cloud. Discerning musicians like most of us on this forum would much prefer, as you say, 1000 great tones only in stead of having those great tones mixed in with 9000+ crap tones. But corporate bragging rights and marketing departments being what they are, PG thinks it's better to be able to brag about having 10,000+ tones and leave the discovery of the good ones to the end-users.

  • @dhbailey Plus, there's the basic management and efficiency aspect of it, in terms of metadata and searching. If you think of new tags or better tags or notice a typo in a tag or the name after the fact, you can't fix anything, which makes the overall database less useful for everyone over time.

    There's also no description area for basic guidance, to explain things like "this tone is meant to be used with a physical Tube Screamer boosting at moderate settings in front of it", or "created with a single-coil bridge pickup in mind, with guitar volume at 7-8", etc. This is why a lot of presets may seem like crap, but could actually be good if given basic guidance. Tags only say so much. A lot of people treat their guitar's volume and tone pots like an on/off switch, but diming the volume can make many presets sound sloppy.

    I'd guess that the lack of deletion is intentional, and the same reason why there's no "private" option for presets with either Spark ToneCloud or BIAS ToneCloud -- they're using the Spotify model and want to force people to do everything publicly, and deleted presets and private presets don't help this model. Although this doesn't explain not having the ability to fix/update metadata.

  • As a librarian by day I can tell you the tonecloud database is horrid for organization and useful info.

  • @blueingreen said in Spark preset delete from the Cloud?:

    [snip]A lot of people treat their guitar's volume and tone pots like an on/off switch, but diming the volume can make many presets sound sloppy.

    You make a very valid point about the volume and tone pots. I bet that the opposite is true, also -- a lot of the tones that many people say are crappy may sound much better if the volume or tone pots on the guitar itself were adjusted.

  • @valascia I'm constantly amazed at the poorly designed databases I run into all over the place. It seems that many people who design databases have very narrow blinders on and only consider the single thing they've got on their mind. They need to sit back and look at the bigger picture -- instead of thinking "how do I do this specific task" they need to consider "once I get this specific task accomplished, what other ways might someone want to use this data?" and then design the database to accommodate those further possibilities, at least leaving room for others to develop the database further. And I'm a private music teacher and performer -- I'm not a database professional!

  • I really looking into this, I upload by mistake twice a preset, now I can't delete, there is no option to edit the tones that you upload, and what I think is the biggest missing feature of tone cloud, is that there is not a dedicated tab for the tones that you uploaded if you forget the name of a preset that you uploaded it, well you lost it, you can't search by author, the new tag feature is useful but if you can't edit you old presets...

    Also, it will nice to have Public and Private presets, as there is no way to backup your tones, or integration of services like (Dropbox, ICloud, Onedrive, etc) if you delete the Spark App, you will lose your local tones, or if you like to use your tablet and phone back and forth, the only choice of sync that you have is to use the tone cloud..

  • @dhgouveia2 that’s why I tag all my presets with my initials, VAA.

  • @valascia I think that's a great idea -- either tag them with our initials or with our names. That way we can find our own easily, and others who might like our general ideas can find more tones we've uploaded.