• Can Spark accept any audio from my iphone?...I have a tune uploaded to, which is a site kind of like and I assumed once the iphone was paired with the speaker, any audio from the phone would go to the Spark but it's not working....any ideas ?

  • @ridgekarma

    If your iPhone is properly linked to the Spark it should, DO you have both Spark BT connections enabled? The Spark Audio is the one that links your phone's music to the amp. Check the Help Center for additional ideas but here's the post they put out...

  • thanks for that...I'll have to double check, but last time I looked, I only had a single entry for Spark Bluetooth stuff, but I seem to remember the first install had two was probably for use as the bluetooth speaker but it's not there now, only 'Spark 40 BLE', whatever that means lol.....I'll check out the FAQ on what to do

  • I think I just figured it out...I have an older Samsung Galaxy phone I had been using and it's bluetooth was still enabled. Disabled it and now I see the Bluetooth audio option show up on the iphone. I like the freedom of bluetooth, but honestly, I'd be MUCH happier with a pc desktop editor and not have to re-deal with potential bluetooth connectivity issues every time I turn it on. Just having the USB cable permanently connected means you have a hassle free connection every time and don't have to worry about wanting to use multiple connections of other USB stuff, unlike bluetooth.