Ipad/connects, but won't play music?

  • Via Bluetooth
    I can manage the amps/effect etc, but won't play songs/backing tracks through bluetooth

    I can connect to:
    Spark 40 BLE
    Spark 40 Audio

    But doesn't play audio.

    Any help? Thanks,

  • @dmmd99
    volume of the audio in the tablet or in the music knob of the spark?

  • I had a weird thing in my iPad where the auto chording wouldn't work. I could hear the music but the display was empty. I switched to my Android phone and no such problem. I haven't tried again. Could these be related as an iPad setting thing?

  • @dmmd99

    You have both Bluetooth channels on simultaneously yes? I missed that first time around. Used this support page to help me sort it out.


  • @dmmd99 Have you connected the Spark to more than one bluetooth device? If so, when you turned the amp the other device may have connected to the Spark 40 Audio connection. The Spark 40 BLE connection is made from within the running app to the Spark, so that would leave your device able to control the amps/effects but not to play audio since the Spark connected to a 2nd device. If you've only ever connected the one device to the Spark then check to be sure you have the volume level up on the device and also on the Spark. To hear the music on the Spark you don't need to have the Music Volume knob very high until you start to play your guitar along with the music.

  • @dmmd99

    Beside all the good advice you already got here above, check that there's no USB cable plugged into the Spark. It would be mutually exclusive with the Spark 40 Audio bluetooth connection, i.e. if the USB cable is plugged into the Spark you won't be able to play music through it via bluetooth. :-)