Matching presets for my favorite songs.

  • Hello,
    does Anytune can transpose songs directly from Youtube or Spotify?

    It's the feature I miss the more in the spark app.. we can slow down a song from Youtube or Spotify, but we can't transpose it to match with our tuning... Do you know if Positive Grid will add this function in the app?


  • @gatsu AnyTune only plays the mp3 files which are on your device. So if you download the audio for the songs you want from YouTube or Spotify, then run them through AnyTune you can get the song transposed as you want.

  • Thank you for your answer, do you Know a good app to get audio from YT in mp3 for instance ? I guess that this isn't possible with spotify ?

  • @gatsu If you do a websearch for "download audio from youtube" you'll find lots of solutions. some involve providing the link to the youtube video you want to download and you can define the format you'll get it in, whether video or audio.

  • @dhbailey Hello,
    Yes, that's what I did and I already did it on a computer, but maybe there are better app than other, free or not, without advertising and without too much much intrusion in life privacy (cookies, etc.. ).