Should I cancel and reorder?!

  • So I ordered on the 31st July, and my shipping status says will be shipping before the 31st August. New orders are stated as being shipped between 5-7 days. So, am I better off cancelling my original order and just reordering a new one? From the logic, there should have been no unshipped orders from the 7th day of that "orders shipped within 5-7 days" message?!

  • I wouldn't cancel.
    Theres an obvious reason you haven't received it yet.
    I don't think the 5-7 days claim will apply to your order
    You just need to read the small print on that claim

  • @crystalpit thanks. I didn't think there was small print, but you are right really, it says based on location etc. Their product page say they are in stock, so not sure why mine isn't being shipped. I'm assuming because I'm in the UK, perhaps it is on a container somewhere 🤔

  • @josephsbrown3 I ordered 8th july and I have received my tracking number and it says The parcel data was entered into the GLS IT system; the parcel was not yet handed over to GLS. since Aug 8th.

    I know a few people have just received theres in UK that ordered about a week before me

  • So I am enjoying this Amp so much that I ordered a second one as a gift. I thought that since they are "In Stock" and will ship "within 5-7 days" that I would actually receive it in a reasonable period of time. In standard Positive Grid fashion, my order status says anticipated shipping by 29 August. Having placed my order on 14 August that seems like 15 days to me, NOT 5-7 as advertised. PG wonders why we don't trust them to get us the bags included in our orders or the replacement power supplies to solve the hum issues, but they provide misleading information at every turn. When I asked for an estimated time for shipping my replacement power supply I was told "your on the list," when I ask about the bag I get no response. I also asked if new Amps would have an updated power supply to solve the, already well documented, hum issue and received no response. I suspect they have determined it is more cost effective to continue issuing the faulty power supplies to those who complain than to replace them all together, which is just poor business. I have tried to remain optimistic regarding this company but they are doing a lot to NOT earn the trust of their customers. I suspect cancelling and reordering would simply further your frustration.

  • NOOOOOO!!!! DO NOT CANCEL!! I just ordered mine a few days ago, with the "Ships within 5-7 days", but that is a lie. False statement in advertising. As soon as i received the confirmatory e-mail, i came here to enter the tracking info, and it stated the Spark will ship "Around August 29th"...16+ days past the given date during the sales pitch. We call it "bait and switch" or "overpromise and underdeliver", whichever you choose. So there is no 5-7 day shipping, just a false statement attempting to lure more customers on board. Already starting off on the incorrect path with this company. I truly hope the item is worth it.

  • @walt-o-meals I will say that it is so worth it once you get it! So long as you get a good one. I was very fortunate; mine is awesome with exception of the hum from the original defective power supply. There are some in the forum who have been less fortunate.

  • Thanks all. Funny how the different status messages are. Mine says "Order will be shipped before August 31st".

    Not going to hold my breath!

  • And out of interest, had this from PG customer service, so they are sticking with the line that they are actually getting amps out in that time frame..

    "Orders are being fulfilled according to the queue that we have received them. The Spark will generally be shipped within 5~7 days after the order has been placed considering all other factors such as queue, location, etc.

    The estimated shipping time for your Spark order will depend on your location, and transit time may vary depending on inventory availability and your proximity to our distribution centers."

    Obviously the catch-all here is "will depend on your location.."

  • @josephsbrown3
    I received my amp within a month..but it came with some exterior damage...I can live with it..But i dont know if theres internal damage??

    DOES ANYONE ELSE NOTICE THAT THE VOLUME HAS A SLIGHT DELAY??....If i tun it from 0 to the 12 o’clock position..theres s slight delay in the amp actually powering up to that position??

  • Same thing here. I had ordered and cancelled long ago when the wait times were in the months. Then I just re-ordered August 15 based on the reasonable 5-7 days timeframe. Now my order status is updated to "Around Aug 30". Pretty irritating.

  • Hello All,

    just want to know your inputs and advise here, i'm a newbie and i want to buy the spark., i live in Philippines so i might confused and worried regarding this delivery issue with PossitiveGrid. Thank you all.

  • @david-3 said in Should I cancel and reorder?!:

    Same thing here. I had ordered and cancelled long ago when the wait times were in the months. Then I just re-ordered August 15 based on the reasonable 5-7 days timeframe. Now my order status is updated to "Around Aug 30". Pretty irritating.

    At least they are consistent. I ordered Aug 13, and now mine says Aug 28. Though I seriously doubt yours will ship on a Sunday. At a Guess, they are just putting a generic X amount of days ahead.

  • Just for a reference, my father in law ordered his about 3 weeks ago and it took about 2 weeks for him to get it, which was a US order.

  • @david-3 mine had shipped aug 12

    and today got a update

    Aug 18 2020 05:06 pm
    The parcel was handed over to GLS.
    Großbeeren, Germany

    but on spark website it says Order will be shipped before Aug 31

  • @josephsbrown3

    Joseph, I'd leave well enough alone for now, keep checking your tracking. If another week or so goes by post your tracing orde number in the Customer Service thread here on the Spark Board. Mike, the board moderator checks there and has been very helpful resolving some issues to people. Keoki

  • FWIW.. Ordered Aug 7. Originally said shipping by Aug 15. Changed to Aug 31. Still waiting...

  • So as way of an update, I had an email today saying the status had changed to "Shipped". Clicking on the tracking number they provided, it shows an "AfterShip" page, with the message..

    "The parcel data was entered into the GLS IT system; the parcel was not yet handed over to GLS.
    Nuthetal, Germany"

    So I guess PG have booked a parcel pick up with GLS/AfterShip(?) In Germany.

    I'm in the UK, so looking on the bright side, if it comes down to it, I could have a completely unnecessary and over elaborate plan to get myself to Germany (never been, heard it is lovely though), and pick it up.

    Fingers crossed I don't have a huge wait before that "the parcel has not been handed over" becomes "we have your parcel".

  • Hello.

    Mine also shipped today. Also with GLS, and 'the parcel was not yet handed over to GLS'

    Ordered july 31. I'm in Spain.

  • I waited for mine, knowing that it was going to take a while. It took several weeks to arrive, but it was worth the wait. I think it took about 8 to 12 weeks, but don't recall for sure. I communicated with Positive Grid and they offered a refund if I couldn't wait, but I decided to wait and, again, I feel it was worth it. It's tough to give up a couple of hundred dollars to wait for something, right? In this case, I'm glad I waited...

    Best of luck!