Electric shock from my bass

  • Hi,

    Like many others I placed my original order back in May and just received my Spark this week (in Australia).

    Was super excited to get going then super bummed when I got electric shocks from the bridge of my bass.

    This doesn't happen when I play through the Fender Rumble that I bought whilst waiting for the Spark.

    I have no other electrical issues in my house.

    As a precaution I took the bass to the guitar shop and the tech there opened it up and confirmed it is wired properly.

    I have seen other posts on the forum about the "dodgy" power supply shipped with the amp.

    Have submitted a ticket to try and get a refund. Will keep you posted. Gutted.

  • I promised an update.

    I have to say I'm very impressed with the customer service I received. I heard back from Felix who said I would be able to get a refund. I posted the Spark back to my local depot in Hong Kong (I'm in Australia). It took a while after it arrived in Hong Kong for my refund to be processed but it did come through.

    It's a pity that the product wasn't as good as the customer support service. Kudos to the team. Still disappointed that I got electrical issues but lesson learned.

  • I'm guessing that if your power supply was grounded you would not have gotten shocked. Instead of that wayward current going to ground, it used you as a ground, which can be dangerous.

  • @sherman yes bummer.. you must be in rural SA or Vicco? they use a older type of electrical distribution.
    Did you also get the hum problem?
    did you try a guitar to see if you still got shocks.
    I'm in metro QLD and have had 3 of them, all worked the same.. quiet, no hum and no shocks