Register Issue Bias Amp 2

  • My Bias 2 powered amp had a DSP board changeout prior to me purchasing (ex demo). Now when I try and register the device on iPad via bluetooth I get the following error message:
    "Cannot find any hardware serial match xxxxxxxxxx"
    My guess is it's still looking for the old DSP board.
    Similarly after login when I connect via USB I get the message "Hardware not registered, click on button above"
    When I click on the REGISTER button it disappears and nothing more happens ie. I don't get the register box coming up as expected
    Does anyone know how to get the amp to update the hardware S/N?
    I tried a factory reset but no luck.
    I have raised a ticket with PG but no response
    Any help much appreciated.

    Techs must do this procedure quite often when there is a component swap out.