Bias Pickup/Guitar

  • Good morning I would like to raise an idea and provide feedback on the great product that Bias FX2 is.
    What I want to propose is to have the possibility to craft your guitar/pickup so that I can literally customize my tone and make guitar a preference of physical playability rather than tone.
    In this idea I would either see a plugin as the pedals series or embedded into Bias FX itself.
    Things I would like to suggest:
    Being able to design your guitar:

    • Wood
    • Body shape
    • Fretboard material
    • Number of pickups / position
    • Wiring - Parallel, Series, in-phase/out of phase, coil tapping / coil split.
      +Treble bleed / Pots / others??

    +Type - single x humbucker x p-90 - Active x Passive

    • number of wounds (overwound x underwound)
    • Magnet (alnico - ceramic - others??)

    I think that this is an evolution of the new guitar selector you just released in Bias Fx2.
    Let me know what you think of this idea!