Poor handle

  • Hi loving the amp no hum no problems
    But the handle is made from very poor materials and will not last
    which is a shame as the rest of the amp seem very well put together

  • @mark65walters

    This has been mentioned before and I agree, it’s short life funky! The recommendations mentioned were craft one of your own from 2.5” nylon webbing with a couple of grommets. You could unscrew the existing strap retainers, remove the stock handle strap, and replace it with an inexpensive guitar strap that’s been shortened to the max. Personally I’m a crafty kinda guy and like the idea of making my own from any number of materials nylon webbing, leather etc. Speaking of leather, hell go to goodwill and find a nice old wide belt In good shape, maybe one that’s got nice tooling on it and recycle it as your handle. Remove the buckle, cut it to length, punch Holes for the Spark strap screws to go through or better yet punch in a couple of brass grommets (more involved) Don’t like the color of the belt’s leather, don’t let that hold you back if it’s got nice tooling, there’s always shoe polish in any variety of colors. Keoki

  • Yes I'll make a new one out of a belt or something

  • @mark65walters Yup the strap is crap! Mine split in the middle and came apart eight days after I received the amp. When I contacted PG, they gave me an RMA # and wanted me to pay the shipping back for a refund. For a strap!!! I have a feeling they will be selling "upgraded straps" for 19.99 very soon. I'm using an old leather guitar strap; it works great and is easy to put on the amp. BTW the ease the stock strap comes off tells me PG knew it would need replacing. But after eight days? I won't be purchasing anything else from PG.

  • I purchased a Ukulele strap off Ebay for $6.88. It's essentially a smaller guitar strap. It seems like it will be a very nice solution going forward. Just make sure to get the kind with leather connection just like a guitar strap has at both ends, as some have a hook at one end.

  • I just recieved my Spark bag the other day. I decided to order the Spark amp with the bag, because I have 2 felines, and the last thing I wanted was the speaker covering to become a scratch post when Im not using the amp. The bag is a snug fit, and the strap handle is hard to get inside the bag. My strap handle has now started to split in the middle from being kinked in the bag. Wonder if they offer a replacment or if I should just make one from a leather belt. If you got the bag for your Spark be aware that the strap handle may split. You also need the strap handle to pull the amp out from the bag!

  • @tollrun98 Make a better strap out of leather -- if PG offers you a replacement it will be the same thing as what came on the amp and so it will start to split soon again.

  • The first thing I did was take off the strap. I can pick the thing up with one hand without it and it's sits in my living room not being carried around. If needed I would just use an old guitar strap.