Bias FX 2 Scenes not changing in presets

  • I noticed that with the current update to Bias FX 2, most of the presets "scenes" are not activating and doesn't change. Is anyone else having this issue and can it be fixed?

  • @tylmay I'm not having that issue.
    Are you using Windows or Mac version?

  • @Myxolydian I'm using the Windows version.

  • I seem to experience the same issue with Windows standalone (latest as of today) and presets downloaded from ToneCloud that purport to have scenes saved with them. Or at least, I see only a very slight change to some parameters which doesn't affect the tone. I can't tell whether it's the fault of the preset or the program. I have not yet come across a ToneCloud preset which has usable scenes.

    Edit: No, I found some. It seems the problem has been with the presets themselves.