ipad doesn't recognise license tier

  • Even tho' I have a Professional license with a hardware Bias Amp 2, when I connect with IOS and login it only displays Demo x4 models for each soundset (Clean,Glassy etc)
    Therefore it also won't load your amps created on desktop with Professional features (speaker cabs etc) thus making it pretty useless to take to a gig and expect to be able to load and tweak.
    The only solution I can see is to save the presets to DSP via desktop-making the IOS app irrelevant.
    Am I missing something here?
    The basic hardware product (Bias Amp2) is really good but the software and licensing seems to have been overly ambitious and flaky.

  • You mention ‘hardware’ Bias Amp 2. To Positive Grid, hardware means an actual amp (Bias Head, Bias Rack, Bias Mini Guitar). Bias Amp 2 is software/app you use with the amps. You also mention taking to a gig, so that makes me think you have one of the amps. For your Pro license to work on the hardware amp, you need to register the amp. Once you register the amp to the same Tonecloud account as the amp, the Pro license will be activated.

    Here’s how to register from ipad:

  • @bschultz8 OK Thanks for that That's where the problem seems to be because I get an error message
    I raised this as a ticket wit PG some time ago but they justclosed the matter without resolving
    Guess I'll raise it again

    Cheers and thanks for the reply