Scarlett 2i2 to iPad Pro - BiasFX2 doesn't recognize input

  • Hi -
    I've searched but didn't find anything.. If it's out there, my apologies.

    I am trying to using BiaxFX 2 Elite on an iPad Pro, connecting via a Scarlett 2i2 with USB-C adapter. The 2i2 is getting power - if I play through headphones I can hear the amplified guitar.
    BiasFX isn't seeing anything connected though. None of the presets are doing anything, the tuner doesn't see a guitar connected.
    If I go to Settings, the only option I see is Channel 1.

    Any suggestions?


  • @jon-1 Did you resolve this?

    I'm thinking of buying a 2i2 for use with an iPad (7th gen, with Lightning connector).

    I saw someone else had a similar problem with an XTONE XSONIC on their iPad mini. It worked with GarageBand and BIAS FX 1 but not 2.