What grounded/3-prong power supply has PG been shipping to users with the 'hum' issue?

  • I've seen references to a grounded power supply that customers have received from PG support to solve the hum/noise issue, but haven't seen anyone post the actual brand or part number of the power supply they have received from PG support.

    Would someone mind letting us know what power supply they have received from PG in order to solve this issue?

    I initially thought I was not having this issue, but I was using a wireless setup and not a cable from day one with my Spark. I used a cable today and, wow, yeah the hum is quite bad on any of the high-gain models (acoustic and clean/crunch are OK) unless I'm touching the strings. All is dead quiet when using wireless on the input or if I'm touching the strings. I don't have this issue when using cables on my other amps (tube or solid state).

    On a related note, I see quite a few references to aftermarket power supplies. Some of the ones I've tested vary quite a bit from their stated output voltage of 19V. The one I had on-hand already that did accurately output 19V @ 2.5A and had a three-prong plug did not solve the issue, unfortunately.

    I also found that connecting a ground wire under the nut of the on/off switch to the ground of the mains outlet completely resolves the issue as well. That connection point of of the on/off switch is tied to the shield of the USB connector and, therefore, the chassis. So no need to drill any holes if you are looking for a solid connection for a ground wire to test if your hum is cause by a grounding issue.

  • @k-mcg Thank you very much for that!