Fear and Loathing in the Garage

  • There's a 15lb 3oz box from Positive Grid sitting unopened on my electronics workbench in the garage. I've been circling it warily in the waking hours since its delivery yesterday afternoon. Yeah I'm that paranoid about how the dice are going to land as far as "issues". I mean what kid would be nervous about opening a Xmas present or new toy? Will I have a "clean" amp or will I roll snake eyes and be plagued with any of the problems reported here: 60Hz Hum, Input failure, Bluetooth glitches, even premature death...Of course I shouldn't have to worry about any of this, none of us should, but despite my normally upbeat self and attitude one cant help but be influenced by reading the number of performance issues posted here. I don't know guys, maybe we should start a pool on what's in that box. I'm taking bets...Keoki

  • That's a large box for a 7lb amp.
    Dive in! Open the box and immerse yourself in the joyful sound of your favorite instrument emanating pleasurable tones. Get lost in the magnificence of your own creation. Be at one with the music and take heart in knowing that every potential problem has a solution and every potential issue is an opportunity for resolution.
    Or simply ROCK ON!! :-D

  • @keoki

    Take no chances. Kill it! Kill it with fire!

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    Lmao, well thanks guys. I’m fishing at the beach today and waiting for a new Mogami gold cord to arrive at home this afternoon. I’m de-stressing from the ball of confusion we live on. Fishing is perfect, so relaxing that I usually don’t bait the hook simply to avoid the intensity of a hook-up. I’ll break out the utility knife and operate on the subject when I get back this evening. You can rest assured I’ll file a complete report.

  • @cmcwillieb My Spark has plenty of noise and sustain issues. I can find a few tones that work and are a lot of fun but the fact is many settings are currently unusable. PG should hold off on their 10,000 tones claim until they fix a lot of amps. I hope a replacement grounded power adapter corrects everything. I'm told PG ran out of them, and they require video evidence before adding you to the back-order list. The cheap amp has promise and I'm glad I bought it but some may want to wait for Spark Version ll.
    The alternative is, order now for a product you hope can work properly with future firmware or replacement parts.

  • With a grounded power supply the hum noise will dissapear.
    Turn the threshold of the noisegate complete to the left and the sustain is coming back.
    If the preset is still unuseable, then It is unuseable and also imo there are lots of them in the tonecloud.