Hum like crazy and wont connect to app. Moderator, Please Help!

  • Waited for months to get this. It hums like crazy. I tried in three different rooms in my house. My house is well grounded. I tried three different guitar cables and verified on my Mesa. All check out. I am an electrical engineer. I know electrical noise when I hear it.
    Also, app wont connect. Have tried installing the app three times and nothing. It will pair via bluetooth, but searches forever.
    This thing isnt much use to me like this.
    I submitted a support request, but I wont wait months to get a solution. Already waited too long as is.

  • @sarawson Many people have experienced a hum problem with there amps. It appears to be easily resolved by using a grounded power supply. PG will likely ask for a video to verify the issue. They have promised many of us replacement power supplies but we are still waiting. This is what I purchased based on a recommendation from one of the threads in this forum. I am not endorsing it other than to say it worked well for me. The connector is loose at the amp and I'm still waiting for a replacement from Positive Grid.
    As far as the bluetooth connection, I have been very fortunate inn that I have not experience any issues. My amp has been pretty awesome aside from the hum.

  • Establishing the connection is sensitive. She doesn't like other open apps and sometimes needs 2-3 tries.

  • @cmcwillieb

    Willie, your link is to a "currently unavailable" item on Amazon (Lmao, probably bought out by Spark owners). Heres a link for one similar at around $16 Prime delivery...

    You proabbaly weren't aware but @sarawson, an electrical engineer, weighed in on the hum issue in several threads but I up-voted your reply because you were helpful and supportive with a solution. Something we all need to do as much as we can around here... Keoki Kudos

    PS I wrote the Customer Service a pretty length email this afternoon, in hoes it would be forwarded to the CS manager. I'm hoping @Mike, or board moderator. is taking note of the connectivity issues as well as the hum here on the board as well. Incredibly important for owners, particularly newest owners, to post here AND file for support ticket.

  • Yes. I am aware of the alternate power supply, and ordered one that should be adequate two days ago. Unfortunately, due to the remote nature of my home town, Amazon prime delivery is still next Tuesday. That means I have a very attractive paperweight for the weekend. Still, I think that PG should be responsible for a brand new product and provide corrective action to known issues and investigate ones that are not known. I am aware of the post on the forums. In fact I have read most of them, so I appreciate the support and suggestions. Just want to make sure PG (moderator @Mike) is aware that some people are having issues. I may be crazy from waiting so long, but I like to believe they monitor this forum.
    As for the hum, I know why it is doing it. After taking a look at the spec sheet on the MOSO power supply, it is not adequately shielded to handle anything other than charging a battery device. Chalk one up to the accountants for cost cutting components. I am sure the people at PG know this. As of this morning, I received a reply to my ticket alluding to the fact that they are aware of some users having this issue and are sourcing a replacement power supply, however shipping may take longer than expected. I was honestly expecting to get the run around, requesting endless information and a video of me trying it on different sources of power. In a way, its a shame they didn't as I have access to all sorts of monitors and meters to evaluate and definitively prove (or rather disprove) power inconsistencies through my work.
    And yes, community, I understand it is a $230 practice amp and not something more. Still $230 is enough money to expect a certain degree of quality.
    The thing I am far more concerned with is the app not connecting. I paired to my Galaxy phone. I even tested it as an audio output device. Sounds great playing music from my phone. No hum there, although that is likely bypassing the pre-amp side. App would start up and search forever. It is probably a compatibility thing. But I feel like that's a common phone. I don't think I have any other apps running at the time.

  • Some have a problem with the hum or are there several or even many ... who knows?

  • @sarawson, Thank you for your expertise and insight into this. I hope PG listens to you. I have a Samsung Galaxy S9 and had no problems with pairing or using the app. I deleted the app from my phone only because I purchased a cheap tablet for the sole purpose of running it. I just wanted a bigger screen to see the chords on Smart Jam and other features. Not sure why yours isn't connecting.

  • @sarawson that just tells me they know it’s an issue with the power supply.

  • @sarawson my apologies for the error regarding your handle. updated my previous response to correct.

  • @cmcwillieb No worries.

  • @sarawson About the app, I was also having issues connecting to the app until I realized that I had installed the app on my IPad and android Phone. The last connection I made was on my Phone, so when I tried to connect it on my IPad, it wouldn’t connect since the Spark was already connected to my Phone. So, make sure that Bluetooth is only “ON” the device you intend to pair with your Spark device.

  • @fpm2007 This seems to be a common problem for people who have linked their Spark with several different devices. It will apparently link with the last one it linked with when you turn it on. This is a good reminder!