Bias Rack Footswitch Question

  • I suppose the answer is in a post, but I'm unable to find it. I have the Bias Rack and the Bias Amp and Bias FX2 elite editions.
    Is there a footswitch I can program and use my rack live to switch between setting in the Rack, without having to have an iPad or computer with me.
    I'd like to switch between the loaded presets in the rack.
    Thanks I really appericate any help available in this area.
    I'm old to amps and Pro Tools, but new to Midi

  • Positive Grid’s BSF-4 footswitch is one option, but you only get 4 presets to program to it.

    I also have set up midi switchers with this amp; the Peak FCB4N2 and the Decibel Eleven Switch Dr. Both allow programming of their pedals to assign the switches to any of the 25 program slots of the rack/head (these also work with the mini).

  • @bschultz8 thank you so much, really appreciate the reply

  • @ronfranich Me again sorry to bother you, I received the decibel eleven today, I'll attempt a set up tonight (new to this midi stuff) my question do I need both the peak2005 and the decibel 11? or will the decible 11 switch between the amp channels by itself?

  • They both do the same thing, you only need one. I mentioned both as they each have a different size/form factor and so you’d have options. The switch doctor does more things and the manual may look more intimidating, but for simple preset/midi program changes, it is easier to program than the peak.

    The top of page 22 mentions first clicking the preset (i.e. button) you want to program. So figure out what bank and then A or B or C or D button. Click that preset button to be programmed and then press and hold the edit button until the blue led lights up. The manual mentions you can now do the first enabled function to be programmed. Note that this pedal will let you send 3 different midi program change commands from that one button press, you only need to worry about the first one! (You leave PC.2 and PC.3 as “off”).
    Press the right arrow to step to the program change command you want to send. Then use the arrow down to the next function (which is PC.2 which should say off). You are done for that preset button and can then save by clicking edit again and it should show the option to save (see top of page 24). Repeat that all for the next preset.

  • @bschultz8 Thanks your the best

  • @bschultz8

    Nice assist! Keoki Kudos!

  • @bschultz8

    I’m Very intrigued by these switches and how they interface. Are they Bluetooth based or does one have to make a hard patch somehow I’m asking because as a new Spark owner there are four presets available to us on the
    Spark which can be controlled by BT through the Spark app on my iPad. In fact the entire amp can be controlled via the app. The Spark App can be run concurrently in multi tasking mode with AnytunesPro+, a music player app created with musicians in mind. It has pitch, and loop features and likely a few others I haven’t become familiar with. But perhaps I’m preaching to the choir and you already
    Y know about Anytune. However AnyTunesPro+ has an in app purchase that allows for Foot pedal switch control interface.

    Your responses to this thread have piqued my curiosity. I’d like to explore if I can integrate one of these into my practice setup. I’d like to have a controller that has enough “switches“ such that both the amp and one or both apps features could be selectively controlled. Is this even possible? It sounds as if it might (wishful thinking is strong at the moment) but I may be underestimating the abilities of the amp and apps.

    Many thanks again for the assistance you provided the other PG product owner.


  • No, neither switches are bluetooth, they are midi that work via a midi cable out of the switcher to the midi in of the PG Bias Head/Rack/Mini amps.

    PG has a Bluetooth midi switch (the BT-4) which most of us here think would be perfect for controlling the Spark), but as of today PG has not made a way for the BT-4 to work with the Spark amp/app.

  • @bschultz8

    Thanks for the followup! Yes I found an old post from about 8 months ago between @Felix of PG and another owner asking the same question. The Spark amp is not switchable (at this time) However I'm still intrigued by ANyTunes Pro+ footswtich interface and how that might work to control it. I'm not holding out much hope but as my interest is more cat like curiosity I'm not going to be broken hearted if it does pan out...Thanks again, Keoki Kudos for the help!

  • Yes, this is one of the frustrating things. I have a few songs in my cover band that need to toggle between clean and distortion within the song and to practice them with the Spark means I have to stop playing and push a preset button to switch presets on the Spark (assuming I wish to put those patches I need for that song as stored to 2 of the 4 presets on the Spark).

    The Yamaha TRX II series are switchable by using the iRig Blueboard, but that amp and its presets/tones/app aren’t as good as the Spark.

    I use the Spark mainly with headphones for silent practice at the girlfriend’s house. Products that exist that work for that besides the Yamaha TRX II (i.e. no speakers like the Spark) are: the Headrush Gigboard has buttons for presets and lots of tone options, but it costs 3x the cost of Spark and you need to buy about $100 of tones from Choptones to make it sound good. The Hotone Ampero has buttons for presets and is 2x the cost of Spark, but the tones aren’t very good (Choptones has some that are better than the default ones), or the Line 6 Amplifi TT, but for that you need to buy a $200 Line 6 FVB pedal for switching and it only plays songs on your device, it won’t play songs via Anytune Pro for example. The Amplifi TT tones/amps sound very good and has a cool tone match thing to finds tones matching the song.

    From all the above, the Amplifi TT is closest to the Spark in tones sounding good thru headphones. But the Spark is better since it accepts playing songs thru Anytune Pro (which has any pitch shifting I need from the original songs) and built in speakers.

    I can speak from experience as I own everything I mentioned above!