Chromebook compatible?

  • I'm unable to get my new Spark to connect via usb to my Chromebook. Are they compatible?

  • @thblack3 It will connect with a Chromebook via bluetooth to run the app. What are you trying to achieve with the USB, firmware update or running it into a DAW?

  • I'm trying use studio one using my Cbook. It searches for hardware and none is found. Just trying to connect to use the program. I'm a complete Newbie. I have no idea what a DAW is. Appreciate your help and patience.

  • Bluetooth doesn't work. Checked my bluetooth settings on laptop, ok. I tried a usb hoping it would work. I get the message no hardware found. Amp is on.

  • @thblack3 You need to install some sort of DAW -- that stands for Digital Audio Workstation. That's the software that you can record your guitar output from the amp into. Does the Chromebook run Windows? If not, you'll need to do a web-search for audio recording software to run on the Chromebook and whatever drivers you'll need to install to get the Chromebook to recognize the Spark. The bluetooth from the Chromebook would only work to send audio signals such as mp3 file playback to the Spark. Bluetooth is not for recording.

  • Thanks so much. Makes sense. So basically it's not compatible. If I can't find the software you cited or am not knowledgeable enough I'll have to get a new device? Any suggestions? I just want to plug and play using all the bells and whistles as simple and easily as possible. Again, really appreciate you helping.

  • @thblack3 You need either an iOS device (iPhone or iPad, must be able to run iOS 11 at a minimum!) or an Android device. I don't know which version of Android operating system it requires. I have read of some people buying an inexpensive Amazon Fire tablet but it seems to be complicated to get things working that way. I had installed the Spark Amp App on both my iPhone(7Plus) and iPadPro(2018) before the amp came so I had investigated how it might work. I had no problem at all connecting my iPadPro and the Spark both for music playback as well as for controlling the amp and trying out new tones and editing things. From the comments I have read it seems that the Spark app is a bit better on iOS devices than on Android, but I'm sure that PG is working on making both versions of the app equivalent.