How do I create my own tones?

  • I am having issues with some of the tones - for example the Hendrix one just drops volume in the middle of playing. I would like to create my own, build up the pedals, be in charge of where the pedals sit in the chain... etc. How do I do this?!! I copied tones but cannot edit the pedal chain. I am using the IOS app on a phone. Am I missing something 😬

  • @dkelly You can't change the order of the pedals. The only thing you can change is the specific pedal or amp model from the list in each spot in the chain. But the Delay pedals are always next to last, the Reverb is always last, the Mod pedals are always right after the amp model, the Noise Gate (no other choices -- it's either on or off, and if it's on you get to adjust the settings) is always first. There has been no indication from PG whether we will ever be able to change the sequence of the pedals and amp models.

  • @dhbailey thanks for confirming- do you know if we can create our own from scratch? I would have thought you can?!!

  • @dkelly Take any given tone, one of the built-in ones or one of the downloadable ones and then change everything you want about it. If you want to truly start from scratch, take an existing tone, turn every knob on every device in the chain down to zero, turn off every device in the chain and then save that with a name like "Blank Slate" -- then whenever you want to explore creating a new tone, load that "Blank Slate" into the app and on the amp, and then start playing around with things.

  • @dhbailey Thanks - I will do some searching for a tube screamer and see where I can go with it 😉