Spark Sample Rate and Bit Depth

  • I am trying to setup Acid Music Studio 10.0 on a PC using the Spark as my connection. I got the ASIO driver installed from Spark but when I select that as an option it states that the Spark doesn't support the sample rate and bit depth.

    My songs are setup with 44,100 sample rate and 24bit depth. So the Spark can't handle this setup? What is the max I can setup for the quality of my songs?

    Thank you,

  • @sjdonahue13 Using the Spark ASIO driver the Spark is set only to send 48K sample rate with 24bit depth. So that's what your song setup needs to include. But you can use ASIO4ALL and the USB cable and I believe you can then keep your 44.1K sample rate.

  • @dhbailey Ok great, I'll try this. Thank you for the info!