Dramatic volume changes when changing between presets

  • I just got my Spark yesterday and noticed the volume gets extremely loud, like almost max volume, when switching between presets even if the master & output knobs are low/bedroom level. It only goes back down if I fiddle with the master volume knob. I noticed a couple related posts but none for this exact issue. Any ideas? Not a deal breaker but makes me not want to change presets at night which is a bummer.

  • The volume of a preset is based on what the volume of the preset is at when it it was first created/stored. When selecting a preset, its volume is based on that internal setting, it doesn’t default to whatever the position of the knob is on the Spark amp. Once you ‘fiddle’ with the knob, then it takes over the internal setting of that knob in the preset. What you need to do is update the master volume of the preset, then store that setting. Do that for all the other presets, and you’ll have the volume you expect when switching between the presets.

  • @bschultz8

    Great tip, thanks.


  • Perfect. Thanks so much for the help!