Key Code alreay used.

  • I got my Spark amp about a week ago. It works great ,I love all the different amps and effects it has. Great sounding, easy to use. My one problem is when I registered my Spark I received the Key Code for the Studio One Prime and it tells me that the Key Code is already in use. I tried to contact Positive Grid about this and they told me to contact Presonus. No help with either of them. I am very disappointed in both companies. I had to wait for the unit and then I get one where the Key Code was already used. I would like to use the Studio one prime since its what came with the unit and if I like it I would probably upgrade it , but I cant use it so I guess Ill never know. The service I am receiving from both companies is not good.

  • @w-dahl2 Some poor fool probably just mis-typed and instead of entering his code, he entered the code they sent you. I feel your pain. I downloaded the Studio One Prime 4 which was the free version that the code supposedly accessed, long before my amp got here (it's still on the UPS truck somewhere nearby). But it seems that PreSonus doesn't have a free version these days. If you're on a Windows machine you can download the Cakewalk DAW (very powerful) completely free, no code needed, from bandlab.

  • @w-dahl2 After you initially entered the code, did you try to download the software? It seems like mine did something similar but it was because PG had already activated it for me due to an initial error. I was able to download the software, complete with registration.