New Bias amp 2 update

  • @anthony-newcomb
    No, Anthony. I'm saying I originally had just the amps that came with BIAS. THIS, essentially allows you to import other the amps in the Tonecolud (in the form of "collections") all at once, instead of going through, previewing some noobs Satriani preset, and moving onto the rest. So yes. I literally have well over 200 amps (all kinds of real, rare, pro modeled boutiques too) that I didn't have before I spent $20 on the app. I guess in theory, you could download every amp here one at a time, provided you knew the name, but you'd still never be able to change the amps model to their real brand names and photo. I hope this clarifies everything.

  • I have that app it is on the Mac app store. But I found it hard to use TBH. I had no idea what it was doing to my preset collection. Did not really trust it to not mess things up because it was pretty unclear on how it was supposed to work and I was worried PG might make changes to the preset format out of sync with the app and suddenly all my stuff would get messed up.

    It was interesting seeing the hidden stuff and finding duplicates, though.

  • @mark-meyers I noticed his website is down too so I figured he was making a change there as well but not sure - it is a cool companion app indeed

  • @elric I hear ya. I had some issues too, but I figured it out. It's actually hard to erase all your amps. Especially with AmpL4. PM me if you need some help. The developer is cool too - He'll help you out ;) His name is Xavier.

  • @tafkad His actual website? (I don't think I've seen it..), but I know he JUST updated it a few days ago for BA 2. Also talk of Windows capable too. I'd go to the App Store and see if it's still up there. Should be like $20. Thanks!