Australia Shipment Arriving...

  • For everyone in Australia;

    I have spoken to some people who received their spark yesterday who are in Australia (Sydney), who also been waiting almost 6 months.

    They both explained that while their tracking number had been received middle of July (I am in the same boat), it had been marked as pending by AusPost every time they (and I) checked it. Then the Order tracking tool updated and said it wouldn't be shipped until early August, July tracking number remained the same. However yesterday for these people, the scan in for AusPost tracking happened the same day the received it..

    So it looks like the shipping container is starting to be unloaded, scanned in and distributed with people receiving their spark in NSW, so assuming the container was ported at Botany.

    I'm in Adelaide, still marked as pending at AusPost, but I am hoping that mine is on that container along with all of yours, can't be to far away.

    Hang in there.

  • @n3g4tiv_1 I received mine here in Sydney but unfortunately the guitar input does not work. I wonder how long it will take for PG to acknowledge and issue a replacement and the next Australian shipment. Hopefully your amp is functional and mine is the only faulty one that slipped passed quality control.

  • @azwan There is also a rumor going around that they did what they did in the USA, where they overloaded the container so there are extras.

    There were people who were ordering sparks in the USA with a 4 day turn around time.

    Hopefully if you get ontop of it quickly enough and the rumor is true you will get a replacement off the same container.

    Good luck,

  • Just got tracking information, scanned in 5:15am this morning and located Dandenong.. home stretch!